Infuse Vibrant Color into Your Eid Al Fitr Look with Flormar’s Festival Spirit Collection


Infuse Vibrant Color into Your Eid Al Fitr Look with Flormar’s Festival Spirit Collection

When all you need is a no-fuss quick and simple way to get that glam look to celebrate the season, Flormar’s NEW Festival Spirit collection should come to mind. The collection, with its vibrant appeal, is designed to make you look and feel good to make the most of your festive moments. Flormar’s Festival Spirit’s vivid and wide range of hues reflects the vibrant mood of the season. Furthermore, the eye-catching packaging and wide range of options make it the perfect choice to get festive-ready.

Flormar Feel The Glow Creamy Highlighter (AED 39)

Thanks to its velvety formula, luminous finish and creamy, easy-to-apply texture, Flormar Feel the Glow Creamy Highlighter seamlessly integrates with the skin, giving it a radiant look with light-reflecting pearl and nourishing Shea butter extracts. Now is the time to apply Flormar Feel the Glow Creamy Highlighter, which comes with 2 color options, to your cheekbones, forehead, nose bridge, chin and brow bone with a sponge or brush and reflect your light!

Extreme Tattoo Gel Pencil (AED 39)

Go beyond the traditional 12 tones of Flormar’s coveted Extreme Tattoo Gel Pencil and uncover six brand-new, shimmering, matte colours that are only available in the Festival Spirit collection. Get ready to be amazed by the long-lasting charm of this gel eyeliner and its vivid application. It is waterproof, smudge-proof, and lasts all day with just one stroke.

Flormar Festival Lovers Liquid Lipstick (AED 59)

The 2-in-1 Flormar Festival Lovers Liquid Lipstick has a clear gloss side for a shiny finish and a vibrantly coloured side with a transfer-resistant matte finish. Thanks to the natural oil infusion, this product leaves your lips feeling hydrated all day long while providing strong colour in just one swipe. The gloss side gives your look a flawlessly glamorous finish by adding a highly glossy appearance without leaving any sticky residue behind.

Flormar Hands Up Nail Polish (AED 20)

Introducing the Flormar Hands Up nail polish line. Available in five gorgeous colour variations, that give your nails a shining appearance. It is an ultra-shine formula that leaves a captivating holographic impression, guaranteeing a long-lasting and brilliant manicure. It also has a reflective, highly shiny, holographic finish.

Flormar Holographic Top Coat (AED 20)

Nails can have a gorgeous holographic and iridescent effect with the Flormar Holographic Top Coat. This adaptable top coat gives a magical touch to any manicure, whether it is put directly over bare nails for a more subdued holographic effect or layered over any nail polish for an iridescent finish.

Festival Breeze Body Lotion (AED 59)

Include Flormar Festival Breeze Body Lotion in your routine for a flawless, well-nourished appearance. Made with nutritious ingredients, the light-reflecting particles in this lotion not only give the skin a bright sheen but also deeply moisturise it. With a light floral scent, it supports elasticity and leaves your skin feeling renewed. Remember to take care of your skin while getting ready for the holidays.

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