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Honouring Motherhood: Blissful Beginnings Sets a New Standard for Unforgettable Push Gifts


Honouring Motherhood: Blissful Beginnings Sets a New Standard for Unforgettable Push Gifts

Forget the luxury cars and expensive jewellery, what a new mother really wants, is the gift of a luxury baby retreat

For the rich and famous, ‘push gifts’ have always been lavish – from luxury cars to diamond rings and extravagant watches. But is this what a new mother really wants? Now, is the time to step away from extravagant gestures; it’s time for a push gift that speaks volumes. Enter Blissful Beginnings, the game-changer in ‘push gifts’ for new mothers, offering a baby retreat that transcends the materialistic and dives into the meaningful. Say goodbye to ostentatious gifts and welcome a gesture that honours the essence of bringing new life into the world.

Luxury redefined at Mandarin Oriental & Park Hyatt

Located in the lap of luxury at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Jumeirah and the Park Hyatt Hotel in Dubai Creek, Blissful Beginnings doesn’t just provide a getaway, this is the first postpartum retreat in the GCC of its kind, that focuses on self-recovery, healing and family bonding.

Holistic Care: A team of experts around the clock

At the core of Blissful Beginnings is a powerhouse team of certified experts. With over 10 years of experience, the team of professionals have supported hundreds of new parents, providing first-class, integrated support, ensuring a smooth transition into this new chapter of their lives.

This isn’t just about massages and pampering; it’s about 24 hour integrated childcare support, wellness therapies, lactation guidance, and excellent nutrition. This comprehensive approach ensures that families embark on a transformative journey, focusing not just on the mother’s recovery but on fostering a strong bond with their new-born.

Blissful Beginnings: A transformative journey, not just a retreat

More than a retreat, Blissful Beginnings is a journey. It’s a sanctuary where new mothers can confidently embrace motherhood with joy and assurance. This isn’t merely a pause in routine; it’s a positive start to a new chapter in life, ensuring that every mother feels empowered and supported.

 Why Blissful Beginnings is the Push Gift of choice

Choosing Blissful Beginnings as a push gift isn’t just a gift; it’s a statement. It signifies a deep understanding of the needs of a new mother. Imagine a night away with a tailored package and a dedicated team of experts — it’s not just an escape; it’s an investment in the health and well-being of a new mom. This is the push gift that goes beyond materialism, allowing her to bond with her new-born in an environment that prioritises her holistic recovery.

Create unforgettable memories as a family, which will last a lifetime with Blissful Beginnings.

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