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Global Family Law Specialist Enhances Legal Navigation for UAE Expatriates


Global Family Law Specialist Enhances Legal Navigation for UAE Expatriates

Female-led International Law firm Aramas, supports expatriate families with their expertise in global and Sharia-compliant law.

Global specialists in International Family Law – Aramas International Lawyers, are transforming the navigation of Family Law for expatriates in the UAE and the wider region by simplifying the understanding of the legal processes through expert guidance and safeguarding individuals against challenging familial circumstances. Headquartered in Manchester (UK), the firm has dedicated offices in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and Doha (Qatar) and most recently expanded to an Abu Dhabi office in March 2023. Consequently, it is leveraging its worldwide connections and extensive expertise in supporting families internationally and within the region to provide expatriates in the nation with customized legal advice and comprehensive legal support on various aspects of international expatriate family law, including divorce, jurisdiction, finances, and children.

The multi-jurisdictional firm’s expertise spans several domains in overseas expatriate family law while servicing a unique niche of international families navigating the complexities of maintaining global connections or living in different countries including the UAE. In this regard, the firm offers both in-house and global expert guidance on international and local divorce, child support and arrangements after separation/divorce, financial claims/disputes, child abduction, enforcement abroad, expatriate marital agreements, prenuptial agreements, inheritance, asset preservation and more.

With a deep understanding of the Abu Dhabi Courts operational framework, Aramas International Lawyers also specializes in Sharia Law, providing regional proficiency and relevant insight for culturally influenced family matters. Moreover, the firm is well-versed in Arabic for local and regional court proceedings.

The team consists of international lawyers led by Samara Iqbal – an entrepreneur and global solicitor with first-hand experience in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Courts litigation process and over 20 years of experience in handling international family law.

Global Family Law

“At Aramas International Lawyers, our primary objective is to find constructive and efficient legal solutions for our clients that safeguard their best interests while being culturally relevant. As a parent myself, I understand the importance of empathizing and empowering individuals especially when children are involved in legal matters. I make it a point that this element is prioritized throughout the entire process to construct careful win-win solutions wherever possible. In cases where attempts to reach an amicable resolution are rejected, we are prepared to advocate vigorously on behalf of our clients, employing our expert skills, international intelligence, and unwavering integrity,” said Samara Iqbal, Solicitor, Director, and Founder of Aramas International Lawyers.

Family law aspects in the UAE have undergone significant changes in recent years providing expatriates more options to consider when faced with legal family issues. Given the nation’s cosmopolitan nature, unique opportunities and challenges have arose prompting an increased demand for services in international family law, whether evaluating the best country to file for a divorce or navigating complex child support and maintenance.

Armed with an internationally experienced solicitors, well-versed in regional and cultural customs, Aramas International Lawyers aims to be a choice provider for family law services in the region. The firm’s multi-jurisdictional presence enables it to service many expatriate clients in a growing number of countries including France, Spain, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Pakistan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and the USA.

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