From Sands to Sky: An Exquisite Perfume by Montegrappa proudly created in the UAE


From Sands to Sky: An Exquisite Perfume by Montegrappa proudly created in the UAE

In another magnificent international partnership, renowned Italian pen maker, Montegrappa joins hands with Emirati luxury sensation tripleA Perfumes to create a fragrance that will transcend borders. As the Emirati desert sands met the Mediterranean shores, a unique synergy was born. While Montegrappa has been producing fragrances in Italy since 2011, the collaboration marks a significant milestone. It introduces Montegrappa’s first fragrance produced outside of Italy – a limited edition crafted in the UAE, celebrating the company’s profound love and connection to the country.

The creation, “From Sand to Sky,” is a testament to the art of perfumery and a celebration of the beauty that arises when different worlds come together. The story began in the bustling streets of Dubai, where tradition and innovation blended seamlessly. TripleA Perfumes, led by the visionary Abdulla Alyasi and Ahmed Alali, had garnered global acclaim for crafting fragrances that captured the essence of the Middle East. Their reputation for luxury perfumery set the stage for this ambitious endeavour.

The collaboration is a fusion of cultures, a harmonious blend of Italian craftsmanship and Emirati luxury. The result is “From Sand to Sky” a fragrance that encapsulates the heart and soul of the Middle East in every note, an olfactory journey that invites you to experience the Middle East in a bottle. The fragrance, with its delicate golden details and elegant Arabic script on a deep blue bottle, captures the radiance of the Middle Eastern sky. It is more than a fragrance; it is an invitation to the breathtaking landscapes of the Middle East.

“Montegrappa products have always been made in Italy, including our fragrances, as we are fortunate to have some of the world’s best perfumers in our country”, said Giuseppe Aquila, CEO of Montegrappa. “However, we recognise that there is a wonderful history and culture of perfume making in the Middle East, and especially in the UAE where we were delighted to discover such talented experts in the field of fragrance creation, and it was an easy decision for us to produce a limited edition fragrance in the UAE with these respected industry professionals.”

It marked a new chapter in the history of both brands, setting the stage for exciting opportunities in the Emirati market and beyond. The collaboration of Emirati and Italian craftsmanship sparked a deep appreciation for cultural exchange. Emirati and Italian artisans came together, sharing their expertise and craftsmanship. It was about building bridges, creating something beautiful, and fostering a sense of unity and understanding.

“This is a wonderful extension to an already beautiful story between the UAE and Italy. Montegrappa has made many products for the UAE before, the 40-year National Day pen in 2011, the Year of Zayed pen in 2018, and the Ishy Biladi collection dedicated to the UAE’s national anthem, which is still available today”, remarked Charles Nahhas, Managing Director of Montegrappa Middle East. “But this marks a special occasion, the first official Montegrappa product actually produced in the UAE.”

“From Sand to Sky” will be available for customers at the Montegrappa store in The Dubai Mall. For more information on the collection,  please visit or on Instagram @montegrappame and Facebook @montegrappamiddleeast.  

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