FILORGA Unveils TIME-FILLER EYES 5XP, a Revolutionary Vision of Eye Care


FILORGA Unveils TIME-FILLER EYES 5XP, a Revolutionary Vision of Eye Care

With Its Unique Powerful Formula, Time-Filler Eyes 5XP Treats The Entire Eye Area In The Blink Of An Eye

FILORGA, a pioneer in aesthetic medicine with 45 years of expertise, is proud to introduce its latest addition to the iconic TIME-FILLER range – TIME-FILLER EYES 5XP. This innovative eye cream offers a unique powerful formula that treats the entire eye area in a blink of an eye. Each sign of aging is ultra-precisely corrected, resembling the precision in medical practice, thanks to carefully selected aesthetic-like active ingredients.

Derived from five distinct aesthetic medicine techniques, Filorga’s master formulators developed “eye-tech” formula that considers the full complexity of the eye area to precisely target and leave it looking rejuvenated. TIME-FILLER EYES 5XP blends 94.7% natural ingredients and a carefully selected array of aesthetic-like active ingredients to ensure ultra-precise treatment. The cream boasts a unique and potent formula designed to treat the entire eye area and offers a swift response to the various signs of aging, including plumping undereye wrinkles, relaxing frown lines, smoothing crow’s feet, reducing dark circles, and visibly lifting wrinkles formed by eyelid folds.

TIME-FILLER EYES 5 XP incorporates PRP-like stem cells. Orchid stem cells enhance the synergy between the skin’s stem cells and fibroblasts, stimulating collagen and elastin production. This process lifts sagging folds, and firms and smoothens eyelids, breathing new life into the eye area. Targeting frown lines draws inspiration from botulinum toxin injections with a BOTOX-like tripeptide that relaxes muscles, providing controlled and lasting relaxation without immobilizing facial expressions. Tackling crow’s feet wrinkles utilizes a peel-like sea fennel, inspired by peels, to mimic the effects of medical anti-aging peels, smoothing wrinkles through increased cell renewal. Addressing undereye wrinkles incorporates a meso-like plant, utilizing FILORGA’s signature polyrevitalizing complex, NCEF, combined with a water-retaining plant extract to hydrate and plump dehydration lines. Combating dark circles is achieved with a carboxy-like active ingredient, inspired by carboxytherapy, employing a silk tree extract to fortify the microvascular system and minimize leaks responsible for dark circles’ colour.

Scientifically proven through in-vitro and ex-vivo tests, TIME-FILLER EYES 5 XP showcases its effectiveness in collagen synthesis, firmness, and eye openness. The eye-catching results, visible from just seven days, solidify its status as a powerful anti-wrinkle solution.

To apply the product to the eye contour effectively, including upper eyelids, perform the following techniques:

Smoothing Figure of 8: Use fingers to create a horizontal figure of 8 motion around both eyes for comprehensive coverage.

Horizontal V for Crow’s Feet: Slide index and middle fingers in a horizontal V shape from the middle of the eyelids to the crow’s feet, repeating the motion for effective coverage.

Cross Technique for Eyelid Folds: Smooth crow’s feet and upper eyelids with an upward stretching motion using index and middle fingers.

11 Technique for Frown Lines: Form a vertical V with index and middle fingers between the eyebrows, sliding upwards to relax muscles, stopping just before the forehead to prevent wrinkles.

Press Technique for Dark Circles: Use index and middle fingers to make pressing motions around the dark circle area, repeating each movement three times.

Beauty Tip: Strengthen lashes by applying excess product at the roots.

TIME-FILLER EYES 5 XP is priced at AED 326 excluding VAT and is available for purchase at leading pharmacies including BinSina Pharmacies, Boots Pharmacies, and online at BasharaCare and Ounass.

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