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Female Talent Agency (FTA), a Female-Led Creative Powerhouse Specializing in Music & Brand Partnerships, Launches in the MENA Region


Female Talent Agency (FTA), a Female-Led Creative Powerhouse Specializing in Music & Brand Partnerships, Launches in the MENA Region

Set to revolutionize the landscape, the firm specializes in music and partnerships through strategic collaborations that accelerate the growth of brands and provide artists with valuable opportunities for exposure and development

Female Talent Agency, a first-of-its-kind female-led creative agency specialising in music and brand partnerships, launches in the UAE. Founded by Anna George, the firm is pioneering in nurturing and promoting female talent and creating authentic collaborations that resonate with audiences across the region.

The Female Talent Agency is more than just a business; it’s a movement that aims to empower and amplify female voices and leadership in the rapidly growing MENA music industry. Leveraging regional expertise and unmatched know-how, FTA guides brands and artists to success by strategically facilitating powerful collaborations. The agency aims to bridge the gap between artists and brands, creating a space where female artists can thrive and collaborate authentically. Deeply rooted in the music business, FTA has a thorough grasp of the music scene’s intricacies, along with insights on how brands can engage with various aspects within the music industry.

Set to create a tidal wave of opportunities for female artists in the region, the agency launches with a diverse range of 20 talents. Featuring standout artists like TamTam, Felukah and Reina Khoury. TamTam, a Saudi Arabian singer/songwriter creates socially conscious music combining R&B and pop music with a focus on the challenges and celebrations of Middle Eastern women. Felukah, is an Egyptian rapper, writer, and musician established as one of the most unique emerging artists in the Egyptian music scene. And lastly, Jordanian, Reina Khoury is an Arab pop artist, known for her cross bordered sound, mixing western and eastern influences, and breeding unique melodies complemented by Arabic lyrics, that highlight her culture and upbringing.

With a rich background spanning 15+ years in the Music and Entertainment industry within the MENA region, Anna George brings a unique blend of experience from major players such as Sony Music, TikTok, and MELT Middle East (Steve Harvey Global). Her entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a deep understanding of music marketing, positions her as a forward-thinking leader ready to shape the future of music and brand partnerships. FTA’s Board of Advisors and network features female-led music professionals, industry leaders and musicians, who know what it takes to succeed in the field.

“The MENA region is the fastest growing music market in the world and female talent is the biggest emerging force within it. I have seen first-hand the vastness of untapped potential, and this is why the Female Talent Agency was launched, driven by a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of music. I am thrilled to embark on this journey, ushering in a new era of empowerment for female artists who represent the future of the region” said Anna George, Founder, Female Talent Agency.

Female Talent Agency

For more information about FTA please visit www.femaletalentagency.com, or their Instagram page @femaletalentagency.

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