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Experience UAE’s 52nd Union Day at Nikki Beach Dubai


Experience UAE’s 52nd Union Day at Nikki Beach Dubai

As the UAE prepares to commemorate its 52nd anniversary, celebrate UAE Union Day with loved ones and celebrate and the city’s beloved Nikki Beach Dubai. Surrounded by the gleaming blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, this barefoot luxury resort is offering Dubai the beachside brunch of their dreams.


Sunday, December 3rd

Strolling along the pristine Pearl Jumeirah beach from the resort to the beach club, Nikki Beach Dubai, the iconic beach club offers a vibrant fusion and a luxurious experience that harmonizes elements of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film, and art. Nikki Beach Dubai serves as an urban oasis with panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and the iconic Downtown Dubai cityscape, including the majestic Burj Khalifa.

Elevating sophistication, Nikki Beach Dubai has 9 VIP pool cabanas, each featuring its own temperature-controlled pool, & a relaxing daybed. These exclusive cabanas offer a beach club experience where guests can dine either privately or in the elegant bar and lounge area.

Nikki Beach Dubai


Prices: Sun Lounger | 1 Guest – 300 AED Tuesday to Sunday

                Opium Bed | Up to 3 guests – 1000 AED Tuesday to Thursday – 2000 AED Friday to Sunday

                Luxury Cabana | Up to 7 guests – 2000 AED Tuesday to Thursday – 5000 AED Friday to Sunday

                VIP Cabanas | Up to 7 guests – 4000 AED Tuesday to Thursday – 6000 AED Friday to Sunday

Reservations: or via WhatsApp at +971 54 791 0049

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