Dr.PAWPAW Unveils YOUR gorgeous SKIN


Dr.PAWPAW Unveils YOUR gorgeous SKIN

**This NEW planet-conscious collection is revolutionising skincare with its multipurpose vegan products, PAPAYALURONIC ™ concept, and powerful results**

British-born beauty brand, Dr.PAWPAW has announced the regional launch of a pioneering skincare collection that champions science and performance. Dr.PAWPAW’s environmental values stay true as YOUR gorgeous SKIN presents a vegan, streamlined range including nine accessible, multipurpose solutions that are suitable for all skin types with its innovative trademarked formulation.

Introducing PAPAYALURONICa new concept in skincare and an innovation in results. PAPAYALURONIC provides the nourishing and soothing effects of the papaya extract, teamed with 8x hyaluronic acids which absorb into all layers of the skin for instant and long-lasting hydration, resulting in super soft skin. This incredible ingredient is used throughout the range. Its multi-depth result achieves both immediate and long-lasting hydration that protects the skin cells and promotes a healthy skin barrier, strengthening and plumping the skin. The innovative mix is complemented by a host of top-level ingredients including Bakuchiol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Retinol.

This new and exciting collection includes a supercharged 4 in 1 face serum that offers the benefits of four serums, that you would usually have to buy separately, into one dynamic formula. PAPAYALURONIC works to intensely hydrate & calm the skin providing anti-redness, Vitamin C to brighten the complexion and Bakuchiol to prevent and reduce the signs of ageing such as fine lines.

Planet-conscious packaging and natural formulas with ethically sourced ingredients have been created to form this innovative collection that encompasses skinplicity. A range for everyone, whether it is used as a standalone routine or supplementary product, the benefits and results have the power to transform.

All components are 100% recyclable. Designed in the UK, made in Korea.

As a testament to Dr.PAWPAW’s unwavering commitment to the planet and sustainability, the brand has ensured that all product tubes are made from 42% recycled plastic. The outer box is thoughtfully constructed using FSC-approved card and printed with soy ink. Understanding the environmental impact of conventional sheet masks, Dr.PAWPAW’s YOUR gorgeous SKIN sheet masks stand out by being entirely 100% biodegradable, offering a responsible disposal option by being suitable for composting.

Discover the full YOUR gorgeous SKIN range:

3in1 cleansing balm (AED 94.5)

A hydrating balm that melts away makeup and gently resurfaces the skin leaving it clean, conditioned, and refreshed.

4in1 face serum (AED 95.50)

A multipurpose serum that hydrates, calms, and smooths and brightens skin. The appearance of the fine lines is reduced, and skin is left smooth and revitalized.

Brightening eye cream (AED 82.50)

This is the best-selling product in the range and it’s a high-performance targeted cream that brightens the eye area. The appearance of fine lines is reduced whilst the skin is also soothed and hydrated.

Hydrating day cream (AED 115.50)

A nourishing day cream that provides a powerful boost of hydration. Skin is left smooth, soft, and moisturised.

Spf 50+ pa++++ day cream (AED 115.50)

A nourishing day cream with added SPF 50 pa ++++ extremely effective against UVA & UVB, providing the best possible protection available on the market. Delivering a powerful boost of hydration, skin is left smooth, soft, moisturised and protected.

Rejuvenating night cream (AED 115.50)

A nourishing cream that soothes and hydrates the skin whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines. Lightly fragranced with soothing chamomile to aid relaxation.

Glowing sheet mask (AED 30.45)

A hydrating mask which nourishes the skin. The appearance of fine lines is reduced, and skin is left plump and smooth.

Soothing sheet mask (AED 30.45)

A gentle nourishing mask which soothes and relieves the skin. Skin is left soft and rejuvenated.

Hydrating sheet mask (AED 30.45)

The ultimate boost of hydration. A nourishing mask that leaves skin feeling soft and visibly radiant.

Dr.PAWPAW’s YOUR gorgeous SKIN collection is now available at Life Pharmacies and exclusively distributed by Nutripharm LLC

For more information about Dr.PAWPAW and to keep up with the latest news, please visit www.drpawpaw.com and follow @DrPAWPAW on Instagram and Facebook.

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