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Doll Smash Cosmetics Hits the UAE with its Best-Selling Vegan Brush Collection


Doll Smash Cosmetics Hits the UAE with its Best-Selling Vegan Brush Collection

The female-owned brand believes in bringing beauty to everyone

Luxury beauty brand Doll Smash has launched in the UAE with its vegan-friendly brushes, beauty blenders, and eyeshadow palettes. Set to top everyone’s wish list is the Airbrushed Kabuki Brush (AED 164), which shot to fame on TikTok, amassing a legion of make-up industry fans thanks to its flawless finish. Suitable for every age and skin type, the brush blends liquids, creams, and powders to give light coverage, heavier coverage, or a contoured effect, depending on your desired look day or night.

Available in various shapes and sizes, the Doll Smash Beauty Blenders (AED 55) are made from high-quality materials, so they don’t absorb too much product, saving you time and money. And you can ignite your creativity with the Expressionism Eyeshadow Palette (AED 175), featuring twelve carefully curated shades to elevate your eye make-up game.

Doll Smash was founded in the UK in 2021 by semi-permanent make-up artist Rachael Wilson. Rachael is passionate about using cosmetics to break boundaries, boost self-esteem, and celebrate individuality. She has grown the business without external investment, and the UAE launch marks the first stage of her international expansion journey. Plans are also underway to launch in Europe and the United States in 2024.

Doll Smash

Doll Smash Founder & CEO, Rachael explains: “I created Doll Smash to overcome my self-doubt and empower others to do the same. The response from consumers has been incredible so far. Everyone should feel beautiful, and we provide the tools to bring out people’s personalities, giving them the confidence to be who they want to be.

“The UAE is fast becoming the destination for everything beauty-related with inspiring examples of local female-founded companies who are now household names. Female-led businesses are embraced, while customers are keen to discover new clean and sustainable brands, making it a natural fit. I’m excited to maximise the opportunities as we continue our mission to promote inclusivity and encourage self-expression.”

All Doll Smash make-up is cruelty-free, combining hypoallergenic properties with quality, sustainable materials. More products from the range will be available in the UAE later this year, including foundations, concealers, lipsticks, and blush.

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