Crunchmoms Summit 2023, the only event in the Middle Eastthat champions women’s careers and motherhood


Crunchmoms Summit 2023, the only event in the Middle East that champions women’s careers and motherhood

The summit’s second edition, proudly sponsored by Visa, brings together influential speakers and leaders to debate and create change.


The Crunchmoms Summit – the first and only event in the Middle East focused on supporting women at all stages of their careers and motherhood – will take place on 11 & 12 October at the East West Atelier in The Courtyard at Al Quoz, Dubai. Building on the strength and success of last year’s debut edition, the 2023 summit will feature thought-provoking panel discussions, enriching masterclasses, valuable networking opportunities and community activities to shape an inspiring and more inclusive future for women across the region.

“At Crunchmoms, we believe that understanding the diverse dynamics of women’s lives, encompassing motherhood, health, family, career aspirations and financial independence, is pivotal to empowering women to thrive in the workplace. Our summit is centered around these key themes because we recognize that by addressing the holistic needs of women and bringing together the region’s experts we can pave the way for greater success for all women,” explains Julie Nguyen, Co-Founder of Crunchmoms.

Committed to accelerating gender equity in the Middle East, the summit explores crucial themes such as personal and professional growth, working parents, women’s wellbeing, financial independence, technology and life fulfillment.

Over 30 inspiring speakers will come together over two days including Rania Masri el Khatib, Founder of The RMK Collective; Salama Mohamed, Founder of Peacefull; Halima Jumani, Founder of Kibsons; Marcela Sancho, Co-Founder of House of Pops; Carl Manlan, Vice President

of Social Impact and Sustainability at Visa; and Nadine Mezher, Co-Founder of Sarwa, among many others. To view all the summit speakers, please click here.

Focused on personal and professional growth, the October 11 (Wednesday) programme is centered around working parents, life and career fulfillment and parenting, with several exciting panel topics to look forward to, including The Realities of Working Parents; The Power of Intentional Parenting; and Life by Design: Integrating Career, Success and Fulfillment, alongside a masterclass, Crunchmoms Pop-Up Market and networking opportunities.

On October 12 (Thursday), the focus shifts to finance, technology and innovation, and women’s wellness in the workplace with topics such as menopause and fertility as well as panel discussions around Dream Tech: Powering the Future for Families; Financial Independence and Freedom for Women and more.

The Crunchmoms Summit 2023 is proud to partner with Visa, one of the region’s leading companies supporting working moms, women-led SMEs, and employee wellbeing. The event proudly offers a space with complimentary babysitting services for parents with young babies provided by community partner Babies and Beyond, along with a private area for nursing mothers and fitness perks provided by Motion Cycling and Motion Flow studio.

Carl Manlan, Vice President Head of Social Impact CEMEA at Visa commented: “Visa proudly stands behind the 2023 Crunchmoms Summit, recognizing the importance of fostering partnerships between multinational corporations and female-led communities like Crunchmoms. In these dynamic spaces, the power of genuine care, active listening, and collective action thrives, creating transformative change for ambitious women. We believe that by leaning into these communities, we not only unlock untapped potential but also co-create a more inclusive and equitable future for all.”

“We understand that to truly empower women and help them succeed and stay active in the workforce, we need to work collaboratively with the wider ecosystem. This includes corporates, government departments, and the SME community. Our summit serves as a platform for this critical dialogue, where we aim to forge partnerships and develop strategies that drive positive change,” added Liying Tay, Co-Founder of Crunchmoms.

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