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Contrast Drives Awareness of World Mental Health Day by Promoting Holistic Well-Being


Contrast Drives Awareness of World Mental Health Day by Promoting Holistic Well-Being

Contains an interview with Hamdan Al Khafaji the Co-founder of Contrast whose mental health was positively impacted by these contrasting modalities, as well as updated prices/packages of infrared & Finnish saunas, ice baths, IV drips, and booster shots.

The last few years have been a whirlwind and there’s no doubt that many of us will still be feeling the long-term effects of the pandemic. While the world has “gone back to normal,” there’s world-wide consensus that the mental and emotional ramifications are going unaddressed.

As World Mental Health Day approaches on 10th October, it is imperative to pay attention to our mental health and respect the impact it has on our lives.

Contrast Wellness is committed to positively bolstering both mental and physical health of its clients. Their unique approach to wellness centres around the idea of “sweating with intention” – the belief that intentional self-care and relaxation can have a profound impact on mental health. In addition, the space itself is a haven for relaxation, offering a calming and restful, pocket of peace.

Boasting an array of health benefits, both mentally and physically, Contrast offers a range of services including infrared and Finnish saunas, ice baths, as well as restorative IV Drips – VIP Elixir, Anti-Aging, Antioxidant, Fitness, Radiance, and Immunity and Booster Shots – Elixir Glow, B12, Skin, Hair, and Nails, Vitamin D, and Pick Me Up (Full list of prices/packages can be found at the end of press release.)

Hamdan Al Khafaji the Co-founder of Contrast whose mental and physical health was positively bolstered by these wellness modalities extolls the virtues of his contrast journey below:  

How, when, and where were you introduced to sauna / ice bath therapy?  We have been fans of contrast therapy for many years having frequented many places around the world and in Dubai, we never found exactly what we were looking for, so we formulated an experience that was all encompassing and would offer our clients a zen and private space that would give them access to both sauna and ice bath, where they would be comfortable to visit regularly.

How did it positively impact you, both mentally & physically? It is a very important pillar for our wellness. We include contrast therapy in our weekly wellness routine as it has helped with reducing water retention and inflammation, it helps with recovery and pain relief as well as improving circulation, skin elasticity and cardiovascular health. In each session you can burn up to 600 calories and you leave glowing and in an overall better space physically and mentally. What we’ve also seen is that we very rarely get sick as doing the saunas often helps build immunity. It’s also so good for stress relief and building mental resilience. 

How long did it take to notice a difference? You can notice a difference instantly and from one session, but we recommend that you do at least a couple of infrared sauna sessions per week and one ice bath. It’s said that if you regularly do contrast therapy, you can increase life expectancy up to 30%.

Who will benefit most from Contrast? Everyone from athletes to people who work in offices and women who are looking to enhance their beauty.  Highly stressed people and people with physical pain get so much out of it. We also recommend children get into it early from the age of 14 under parental supervision. We don’t recommend contrast therapy for pregnant women, people with heart conditions or epilepsy and any other conditions where heat and cold exposure could be threatening to their health. 

Since opening, has the reception been what you expected? Any surprises? Yes, and more. We are delighted with the feedback we’ve had and the general reception that people are so happy they have such a facility in their neighbourhood. We’ve seen a lot of young people, all the way to older generations showing lots of interest. We’re also super happy that it’s been incredibly popular amongst Emiratis. 

Has it been popular amongst couples? People love the fact that the infrared saunas have so much space and can comfortably fit 2 people, so they come as couple, or with siblings or friends. They use the time for a catch up and it makes the session go faster – socializing while doing something that’s good for their health.

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