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Celebrate UAE’s 52nd Union Day  With Amazónico’s Tropicalia Weekend Parrilla Lunch


Celebrate UAE’s 52nd Union Day With Amazónico’s Tropicalia Weekend Parrilla Lunch

Weekend Lunch at Amazónico Dubai

Saturday, December 2nd  and Sunday, December 3rd

Get into the groove in Amazónico’s lush indoor oasis with Tropicalia Weekend Parrilla’s eclectic musical offering featuring Bossa Nova’s dynamic Latin duo, Diego and Giselle.

With the Bossa Nova duo offering the perfect accompaniment for a weekend to remember, the Tropicalia feast offers an array of bites such as Pan de Queso, Arepas and Patacones accompanied by a range of dips and toppings including Guacamole, Pulled Veal and a Chicken Avocado salad. The light and hearty Ensalada de Verano is a light and fresh combination of tomato, cucumber, white radish, gem lettuce, and melon, finished with peanut sesame dressing.

The meat selection takes centre-stage as guests choose from a full offering of charcoal-grilled meats, starting with perfectly cooked Picanha, a Brazilian-style grilled rump steak cut in the traditional churrascaria style at the table. Then Argentian Chorizo, Peruvian chilli marinated Baby Chicken and New Zealand Leg of Lamb and finally orange marinated Veal Ribs. For those seeking a lighter option, you can opt for the woodfire-cooked Sea Bass or there is also a bespoke vegetarian menu available upon request.

Tropicalia Weekend Lunch

Date: Every Saturday and Sunday

Time: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm


  • 350AED inclusive of bites, mains, and dessert
  • 200AED for Vegetarian menu or for children under 12 years old
  • 55AED for Caipirinhas
  • 200AED for 500ml carafe of wine

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