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Artisanry Furniture Studio launches The Amavi Collective


Artisanry Furniture Studio launches The Amavi Collective

Luxury handcrafted furniture where nature meets timeless design

Artisanry is a Dubai-based furniture studio that seamlessly combines nature-inspired aesthetics with meticulous craftsmanship. With a commitment to handcrafted luxury and intentional design, Artisanry aims to transform living spaces into creative sanctuaries that reflect individual style and elevate the art of interior decor.

At Artisanry, every piece of furniture is carefully crafted using only the highest quality materials. Each creation serves as a testament to the patience, care, and exceptional skills of their dedicated Artisans. By combining heritage techniques with modern design elements, Artisanry produces distinctive and timeless pieces that embody the essence of elevated living.

Launched in January 2022 by founder Pooja Patel, the design house has an extensive range of approximately 78 unique products covering dining tables, consoles, cabinets, shelves, credenzas, and more, which are perfect for all major living spaces, including the living room, dining room, bedroom, and office. Clients also have the option to go for their customised design services, which range from bespoke piece creation to exclusive designing as per client space.

“Handmade luxury lies at the heart of Artisanry’s ethos, as almost everything we create is meticulously crafted by hand. The Artisans, who are the backbone of the brand, pour their skill, precision, and attention to detail into every curve and joint. Utilising premium-grade materials and impeccable finishing techniques, Artisanry delivers a truly unparalleled level of craftsmanship to ensure utmost client satisfaction.” – said Pooja Patel, Founder, Artisanry Furniture Studio.

“The Amavi Collective”, their newest and third collection, pays tribute to the art of craftsmanship, embracing the core principles of design: the elegance of shapes and the authenticity of materials. Modern contemporary shapes meet the coolness of varied marbles, solid woods, and accents of aged brass in a display of subtle luxury in its truest form.


The flagship collection, aptly named “The Nature Edit,” draws inspiration from the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world. Reflecting the graceful movements of rivers and the mesmerising patterns of ocean waves, these pieces exude elegance and poise. The collection seamlessly blends rustic materials with contemporary angular shapes and clean lines, resulting in a minimal yet earthy palette that harmonises with any living space.

For the second collection, “Summer Philosophy,” Artisanry embraces a lighter, breezier approach. By incorporating lighter woods, rattan weaves, and vibrant colours, this collection adds an element of ease and vitality to any home. The “Summer Philosophy” collection captures the essence of the season, with its effortless, airy designs perfect for creating a relaxed and inviting ambiance.

In addition to their commitment to quality, Artisanry takes pride in providing a personalised experience throughout the entire process. From initial contact to final delivery, their dedicated team is readily available to assist clients with their inquiries and preferences, ensuring a smooth and pleasurable journey.

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