Are you yet to embrace Ghee in your skincare routine? Shankara’s Gheesutrā Face Emulsion is the answer!


Are you yet to embrace Ghee in your skincare routine? Shankara’s Gheesutrā Face Emulsion is the answer!

Exclusively available on Mudra Ayurveda in the UAE

Mudra Ayurveda, the pioneering platform dedicated to revolutionizing self-care in the UAE, reinforces its commitment with the exclusive introduction of the renowned Indian skincare brand Shankara. 

With a curated selection of luxe, consciously created, and 100% natural Ayurveda-inspired beauty and wellness brands worldwide, Mudra Ayurveda brings the best of ancient wisdom and modern skincare innovation to the UAE.

Ghee, a cherished staple in Indian homes, has taken center stage in Ayurveda, transcending generations with its exceptional nourishing properties. Shankara, a brand founded in 2001, has pioneered ghee as a core ingredient in its skincare products, backed by extensive Ayurvedic research and modern science.

The Gheesutrā Face Emulsion by Shankara has quickly become a bestseller on Mudra Ayurveda. Housed in a pearl pink jar, this Ayurveda-inspired elixir encapsulates nostalgia and dependability, offering a unique blend of tradition and modern skincare.

What sets Shankara apart is the meticulous formulation process. The Gheesutrā Emulsion is crafted using the age-old method of Shata Dhauta Ghrita, involving washing pure A2 ghee 100 times in special copper vessels. This process, performed in a meditative environment with Vedic mantras, infuses the product with positive energy. Scientifically, this method reduces granular size, increases moisture levels, and introduces therapeutic elements such as Omega 3, 9 fatty acids, and Vitamins A, D, E, and K. 

Additionally, the incorporation of Vitamin C into this honoured process promotes collagen production, hydrates skin, and repairs damaged skin and cartilage. Other ingredients also include Hibiscus extract for skin hydration and Blue Pea Flower for internal moisturization. The formula effectively addresses concerns such as pigmentation, providing protection against harmful radiation, and healing skin conditions like rosacea.

Here’s why this ghee and Vitamin C-enriched product from Shankara has earned the endorsement of Mudra Ayurveda’s founders. “We founded Mudra with a vision to bring the best Ayurveda-inspired products to individuals seeking holistic wellness. Shankara’s Gheesutrā Emulsion perfectly aligns with our mission, offering a unique blend of tradition and modern skincare innovation,” say Pritha & Pragya, founders of Mudra.

Dispelling common myths about ghee, Shankara’s Gheesutrā Emulsion seamlessly permeates the skin without clogging pores, leaving a supple sheen without greasiness. The sweet-scented emulsion, reminiscent of fragrant flora, challenges preconceived notions about the scent of ghee-infused products.

If you seek dewy skin, supple cheeks, and a glow that emanates from healthy skin, Shankara’s Gheesutrā Emulsion is the perfect addition to your self-care routine. With the added benefits of Vitamin C, this product addresses modern skincare concerns while adhering to ancient Ayurvedic principles.


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