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Ajman Tourism embarks on a Journey with the “Freej Mayan” Festival on December 23 and 24


Ajman Tourism embarks on a Journey with the "Freej Mayan" Festival on December 23 and 24

Ajman Tourism

The Ajman Department of Tourism Development is kicking off “Freej Mayan” Festival on December 23 and 24, shedding light on the emirate’s rich heritage. The festival, which will be held in the Ajman Heritage District and Souq Saleh, is part of ongoing efforts to preserve cultural heritage and foster community engagement.

The festival boasts artistic performances by international traditional bands and traditional games in the Heritage District and Souq Saleh. Attendees can also participate in interactive heritage workshops, featuring hands-on activities like crafting traditional items. Don’t miss out on the shopping experience at Freej Mayan shops – “Dekaken Freej Mayan”. Support the ‘Khait’ initiative for sustaining handicrafts and promoting traditional crafts in Souq Saleh.

Running daily from 4 pm to 8 pm, the Freej Mayan Festival offers a unique cultural experience, showcasing the diversity of culture and heritage. This event serves as a platform to attract residents and visitors, contributing to the emirate’s cultural and folk art scene.

His Excellency Mahmood Khaleel Alhashmi, Director General of The Ajman Department of Tourism Development, emphasizes the festival’s role in preserving cultural heritage and raising awareness in society. He states: “The Freej Mayan Festival plays a crucial role in our endeavours to preserve cultural identity, nurturing pride and a sense of belonging for the generations to come.

Ajman Tourism

Following the festival’s cultural and artistic activities, participants can embark on a photography tour along the Ajman Heritage Route, providing unique glimpse into Ajman’s cultural heritage.

For more information, visit https://ajman.travel/ar-ajmantourism/.

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