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Add a Touch of Romance and Tenderness to Your Bathroom with Ideal Standard’s Products and Solutions


Add a Touch of Romance and Tenderness to Your Bathroom with Ideal Standard’s Products and Solutions

With a focus on sleek designs, sophisticated finishes, and spa-like setups, Ideal Standard aims to redefine the bathroom experience as a space for love and shared moments 

Ideal Standard, a pioneer in cutting-edge bathroom solutions, is transforming bathroom spaces into an elegant and romantic haven just in time for Valentine’s Day. The brand introduces a range of high-end products designed to bring a sense of intimacy and relaxation to your bathroom, creating a serene escape without the need to leave your home. 

Far beyond its utilitarian function, the bathroom, when meticulously designed, becomes a tranquil haven and a backdrop for shared moments. Ideal Standard recognises the desire for an intimate retreat within the comforts of your home, particularly if taking a long vacation with your loved one is out of reach. By infusing a serene ambience into the bathroom space, the brand’s flagship solutions foster a deeper connection and create a sanctuary where everyday rituals transform into cherished experiences.

Ideal Standard’s innovative product line is crafted to complement private moments with a blend of intimacy and opulence. The Alu+ shower collection, featuring a captivating pink/rose colour option, effortlessly brings romantic bliss and allure to your daily routine. The gentle, rosy hues create a warm and inviting atmosphere, elevating your shared bathroom moments to a luxurious and intimate experience.

Embracing the spirit of Valentine’s Day, users can indulge in the Solos shower range—an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates smart controls, various spray modes, and ambient lighting for a personalised and intimate atmosphere. Compatible with popular smart home apps like Philips Hue and Amazon Echo, Solos allows you to customise LED colours and brightness to set the desired mood. With three specially curated spray modes, including Rain, Active Massage, and the new SilkRain jet, Solos creates a spa-like retreat for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

The Atelier Collections, with its beautiful finishes, exemplify the significance of choosing the right colour palette in creating an intimate space. Vibrant hues in this collection set the stage for a romantic setting that resonates with passion, infusing your surroundings with elegance and creating a special and memorable atmosphere. Ten new ceramic colours adorn the washbasins, including Black Gloss, Slate Grey, Kashmir, Sage, and Pomegranate, join the classic White Gloss and White Silk to offer a complete palette that brings a unique sense of emotion to bathroom interiors. The collection also features a series of fitting colours for the taps, including Chrome, Silver Storm, Brushed Gold, and Magnetic Grey, allowing you to personalise every detail of your bathroom sanctuary.

Crafting the quintessential romantic retreat, the Dea Duo Freestanding Bathtub emerges as the epitome of sophistication. Elegantly poised with its curved yet controlled lines, it offers a perfect balance of chic, high-end design, and pure pleasure. Couples seeking an ideal home escape can indulge in intimate moments surrounded by soothing bubbles and soft candlelight, creating a blissful oasis for relaxation and connection.

Complementing your romantic bathroom setting to perfection, Ideal Standard’s Double Washbasin with a sleek wooden cabinet from the Extra collection is the ultimate addition to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space. The Extra collection offers a timeless vision, a deep range from the absolute rigour of minimalism to the most radical look, seamlessly combining with both classic line taps and modern design elements.

Roberto Palomba, Chief Design Officer at Ideal Standard, commented on the various product lines saying, “I believe that crafting an intimate space that kindles romance requires a delicate balance of modern and minimalist design. The fusion of clean lines, subtle elegance, and thoughtful functionality creates an atmosphere of serenity, allowing couples to connect on a deeper level. It’s about transforming the bathroom into a luxurious spa-like experience, where every element contributes to a sensory journey, enveloping users in a cocoon of relaxation and shared intimacy.”

Ideal Standard invites you to elevate your bathroom into a realm of romance with their innovative solutions. Transform your daily routine, surprise your loved one with thoughtful gifts, and celebrate Valentine’s Day in a space that reflects elegance and intimacy.

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