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Acclaimed Dubai Chef Vanessa Bayma Drives Toss & Co.’s Expansion Into New GCC Markets


Acclaimed Dubai Chef Vanessa Bayma Drives Toss & Co.'s Expansion Into New GCC Markets

Following its success in Dubai, Toss & Co. is setting its sights on Saudi Arabia and Oman markets, with menus and culinary direction from respected UAE-based Chef Vanessa Bayma

Drawing on 20 years’ experience in the culinary industry, highly commended Chef Vanessa Bayma may be best known for hosting exclusive dinner parties and catering for private yachts and VIP events in Dubai, but behind the scenes the talented chef also lends her culinary prowess to Toss & Co. as the Brand Executive Chef for the burgeoning Dubai restaurant group.

With a focus on healthy eating that’s full of flavour and accessible to everyone, Toss & Co. currently has three venues in Dubai Design District, Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZ), which also support a flourishing delivery business across the emirate.

Now, following the success of the Dubai branches, Toss & Co. is setting its sights on the rest of the GCC, with franchises set to open in Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Chef Bayma was a natural choice to steer the culinary direction and develop the virtuous menus for Toss & Co, thanks to her passion for using fresh, seasonal produce and creating healthy cuisine with heart and soul. “I’m delighted to be working with Toss & Co. to help bring their culinary vision to life in Dubai and soon across the GCC,” says Brand Executive Chef Vanessa Bayma.

“Toss & Co. is all about serving feel-good food that nourishes the body and nurtures the soul. With a focus on great-tasting dishes that are convenient, affordable and good for you, it’s a food philosophy that is close to my heart,” says Chef Bayma. 

Mona Bhojwani, Founder of Toss & Co. says, “Chef Bayma shares a real affinity with the culinary ethos at Toss & Co, which is all about letting fresh, natural ingredients take centre stage, while making healthy eating accessible and enticing to everyone. Chef Bayma has been instrumental in helping build the success of our homegrown brand here in Dubai, and we are thrilled that she is taking the next step with us as we prepare to expand into new GCC markets.”

Highlights from Chef Bayma’s Dubai menus for Toss & Co. include nutrient-packed power bowls brimming with a rainbow of vegetables and quality protein; immunity-boosting soups and smoothies; and satisfying wraps loaded with delicious fresh ingredients, from crispy chicken Caesar to Korean salmon.

Catering to an array of dietary needs, Chef Bayma has also developed a range of gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian specialities for the Toss & Co. menus. Her vegan delights include plant-based takes on café favourites, such as ‘salmon and cream cheese’ bagels, and burritos packed with seitan ‘beef’ and vegan mozzarella, all made using revolutionary ingredients that are free of animal products.

“Just because you have certain dietary requirements doesn’t mean you should miss out on flavourful food that makes you feel good,” says Chef Bayma. “Creating dishes for specific dietary needs encourages me to really flex my creativity in the kitchen.”

“I get a real sense of fulfilment from working with Mona and the Toss & Co. team and I’m thrilled to be part of this exciting journey as the brand expands, bringing its signature flair to Saudi Arabia and Oman,” she says.

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