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Style & Identity Coach : Carina Harvey


Style & Identity Coach : Carina Harvey

Carina Harvey is a Style & Identity Coach. She has tailored a unique coaching programme that educates and provides guidance to women on their personal and / or professional styling, together with coaching them on confidence and mindset. The purpose is to go a layer deeper than traditional styling and to work with her clients to find and restore their style identity.

Carina Harvey

The Importance of Identity

Carina has experienced a number of traumas throughout her childhood and despite being an outwardly confident individual, who later went on to have a successful corporate career, she has struggled with her own identity and mind-set issues. These were reinforced and particularly came to the surface when she came to live in in the UAE eight years ago after having been through a number of major life changes the year prior whilst back home in the UK. Later, Carina came to realise when styling her clients that experiences of sudden change can result in a loss or confusion around self-identity, which plays a key role when it comes to having confidence in our personal styling.

Styling Habits Developed Through Coaching

Carina’s diverse corporate career has always involved developing and coaching people. As a result, she understands the level of success a structured coaching system can have when supporting others through self-discovery and transformation. Having decided she wanted to move away from corporate life to build something of her own, Carina decided to retrain in a field where her personal passion lies, in the world of fashion and styling.

Carina’s many years of people development, coupled with her client experiences during her personal styling, led her to an important discovery; clients who came to her seeking advice and guidance on their style and image had often suffered a major change which in some cases had yielded a negative mind-set and low self-esteem. Knowing the success she has had with coaching individuals in the past, she felt inspired to create a programme to work with women to restore their confidence and sense of identity once lost, as well a guide them through a journey of traditional styling.

Focus on Sustainability

Carina’s coaching also focuses on the sustainable aspect of styling. She believes that helping women to understand what suits them, as well as building an understanding of their own sense of style, will ensure her clients build much more sustainable shopping habits and approach to their styling. Streamlined wardrobes containing pieces which suit the client’s needs not only ensures they are able to manage their style more effectively. Whilst working with women to understand their own sense of style, means they are less likely to invest in clothes which do not suit them aesthetically, nor their lifestyle.

Carina’s Own Identity & Coaching Solutions

Since Carina’s relocation to Dubai from London, she has been on her own personal journey to re-build her confidence, rediscover her identity and work on her mind-set. As a life-long learning advocate; Carina’s qualifications include a master’s degree in human resources, several diplomas in fashion styling and personal styling, certifications in several specialist forms of coaching, with additional studies in project management and sustainable strategy. As a result, Carina’s experience and education has enabled her to understand how to help her clients to find an authentic and sustainable solution to their styling concerns.

Since relocating from London to Dubai, Carina married, has adopted a small pet family and is still on a journey to build a human family with her husband. Carina is excited and passionate about her work to truly help her client’s through their own journeys of self-discovery.

Carina now provides one-to-one coaching through a dedicated programme and corporate solutions such as workshops, and workplace mentoring, on style identity. For more information on how to work with Carina Harvey, please visit

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