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Lynsay Kilbane, Founder of The Mama Consultancy


Lynsay Kilbane, Founder of The Mama Consultancy

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Lynsay Kilbane is Founder of The Mama Consultancy, which provides elite staffing solutions for UHNW and high-income families in the Middle East and globally. Born and raised in London, she is an experienced British governess who has built a 15-year career working with prominent families worldwide.

Lynsay has held several nanny and governess roles and managed multiple nannies as Head Nanny. She exposed herself to a range of different parenting styles and techniques, is a qualified sleep trainer and has in-depth knowledge on topics such as children’s nutrition and wellness, ADHD and NLP for children.

Knowing that she always wanted to work in childcare, Lynsay chose nannying after exploring teaching and social work. This career path allowed Lynsay to indulge her love of travelling and discovering new cultures. Having visited around 40 countries, she first moved to Abu Dhabi for a governess role in 2016.

Entrepreneurship was also instilled in Lynsay from a young age, and after years of being asked to assist families with their nanny search, she realised that her natural passions and skillset enabled her to create a unique offering, doing something she loves while making a positive impact in many different homes. Lynsay took the leap in 2022 after a family tragedy prompted her to fulfil her dreams of being a full-time entrepreneur. She now enjoys navigating this new chapter as a CEO, and continuing to take a hands-on approach helping families to find the perfect candidates.






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