Long-Lasting Perfumes That Don’t Require A Midday Touch-Up


Long-Lasting Perfumes That Don't Require A Midday Touch-Up

Say goodbye to midday touch-ups with Parfums de Marly’s exquisite fragrance collections, each designed to mesmerize and leave a lasting olfactory impression throughout the day.


Delina, the star of the collection, is a timeless floral composition with Turkish rose, lily of the valley, enveloped in a veil of velvety musk and vanilla, it captures the essence of femininity with an enduring signature.

Layton, a cult favourite for men, offers an addictive mix of zestful bergamot, fresh lavender, and amber enriched by notes of caramelized coffee. This captivating fragrance promises enduring allure for those who appreciate luxury.

Herod, unveils a bold combination of cinnamon, tobacco, and vanilla, creating a refreshing and memorable scent for those seeking a vibrant and fresh aroma that captivates throughout the day.

Percival, exudes confidence and refinement with its refreshing blend of citrus bergamot and mandarin notes, complemented by woody undertones making it an ideal choice captivating ladies’ hearts everywhere.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope these perfumes are of interest to include in your next fragrance round-up.

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