Interview with Jodie Bellamy – Founder of Regularmumz


Jodie is a 38 years old ,a mum to a two year old little boy . She is a stay at home mum who started a blog interviewing different mothers and their motherhood journey owner if the Instagram page called @regularmumz.
The inspiration to interview different mothers and share their stories came when she was trying to get pregnant and experiencing loss.

What inspired you to start your blog interviewing different mothers and their motherhood journey?

The inspiration to interview different mothers and share their stories came when I was trying to get pregnant and experiencing loss. I read a woman’s blog whose words really helped me and gave me hope. I can only hope that the interviews on @regularmumz can do that for someone else.

How have you used your blog to help other women in similar situations?

Every woman has a different journey and a different approach to motherhood. I believe every woman who reads these interviews will take something from them. Whether it be hope, advice or just the feeling that their not alone.

What do you feel are the most important issues facing mothers / women today?

I think coming from a personal view it’s the pressure to be the perfect mum and not make mistakes. Trying to be everything and burning yourself out in the process. It’s hard to say No and do things for yourself as a mum. But it’s probably the most importantthing we can do. Not just as a mum but in life for everyone.

What advice would you give to other women who are trying to get pregnant and experiencing loss?

Don’t give up!!!! You will get your fairytale I promise. I also believe acupuncture really helped me.

How have you managed to balance motherhood with running your blog?

I’m very lucky I have my mum who helps me look after Cruz. I couldn’t do it without her. 

How have you seen the lives of the women featured on your blog improve as a result of their stories being shared?

I think they feel very empowered sharing their story. And they have all done it in the belief that they could help at least one other mum. Regularmumz has taught everyone the power of human connection. We are simply telling our stories to hopefully connect.

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