Homegrown Brand NOMAD Spearheads Inclusivity in Fashion


Homegrown Brand NOMAD Spearheads Inclusivity in Fashion

NOMAD’s mission is encapsulated in its name: Neuroinclusive Outfits Mindfully Adapted for Diversity (NOMAD)

Dubai-based fashion brand NOMAD has refocused its proposition following growing demand from the neurodiverse community and people whose clothing choices have been affected by different types of surgery. A reflection of its acronym, NOMAD’s new mission is to curate Neuroinclusive Outfits Mindfully Adapted for Diversity that transcend conventional fashion boundaries.

NOMAD was founded in 2021 by Nesa Rassouli, who has lived in Dubai her whole life. Having grown up using fashion as a form of self-expression, Nesa was inspired to create ethical and sustainable ranges that give people a sense of belonging.

From day one, NOMAD has demonstrated its sustainability commitment by using recycled, recyclable packaging, and a combination of natural fibres and recycled materials for its fabrics, finishes, tags, and trims. With everything designed and manufactured locally, the brand concentrates on timeless collections created in small batches to minimise waste.

NOMAD’s new direction is an evolution of its ethical roots and a result of its founder Nesa’s personal experiences, as she seeks to broaden its appeal and show that NOMAD clothes are made for everyone.

Nesa explains: “Recently, a close friend went through emergency stoma surgery, which resulted in her being fitted with a colostomy bag. She asked me to be involved in a social media awareness campaign where NOMAD dressed the participants. I received a lot of feedback about how the clothes were perfect for pre and post-surgery because of their softness and versatility.

She added: “As someone with ADHD, I have always created clothes that feel as comfortable as possible next to the skin, which means soft fabrics, elasticated waistbands, and no zips or buttons. I realised that the qualities that came naturally to us could benefit more people and make a difference to those with diverse needs as a result of things like sensory issues or surgery. It’s not about creating specific collections that marginalise individual audiences, rather emphasising inclusivity and investing in meeting their needs and increasing awareness.”

Moving forward, NOMAD’s product lines will reflect the feedback it has received, focusing even more on elements such as comfortable waistbands, the use of elastic, non-scratchy labelling, and soft hand feel fabrics.

NOMAD is dedicated to fostering a sense of autonomy and empowerment by offering thoughtfully crafted, adaptable apparel that not only looks good but also celebrates individuality. More than a brand, NOMAD wants to encourage a more inclusive, empathetic fashion world.

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