Gold Collagen

Bring Back the Glow with Gold Collagen Supplements


Bring Back the Glow with Gold Collagen Supplements

Drink your way to a younger-looking skin while boosting your new season immunity

Revolutionary help to combat ageing skin is here. Nourishing your skin from within is the way of maintaining youthful health and vitality. Gold Collagen is a drinkable, anti-ageing supplement that targets your skin concerns from the inside out.

An award-winning supplement, Gold Collagen blends collagen with antioxidants, active ingredients, vitamins and minerals to replenish skin and revive youthfulness. Inspired by oriental beauty rituals, Gold Collagen is a holistic and delicious elixir of health and wellbeing with world-class, nutrient rich formulas scientifically developed and clinically tested.

Perfect for both men and women, Gold Collagen liquid supplement is available in three formulas targeting specific areas for different types of individuals and needs.

Pure Gold Collagen
Perfect to tackle early signs of ageing, the Pure Gold Collagen range is ideal for men and women over 25 years of age. Just one shot a day of this liquid gold can help in promoting younger looking, healthy, radiant skin, strong and shiny hair and nails whilst supporting immunity.
AED 314 ( 10 bottles)

Gold Collagen Forte

Specifically formulated for women over 40, this range is boosted with antioxidants, evening primrose oil, hyaluronic acid amongst other active nutrients. The perfect collagen anti-ageing recipe, it helps fight visible signs of ageing, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation while supporting immunity and hormonal activity.
AED 367.50 ( 10 bottles)

Active Gold Collagen
For men and women with busy and sporty lifestyles, the Active Gold Collagen is specifically developed to support joints, muscles, hair growth while providing you with your daily boost of energy. Additional benefits also include reduced fatigue levels, younger looking skin and better immunity.
AED 314 (10 bottles)

Gold Collagen provides the vital nutrients that your body needs to accelerate hair and nail growth and make your skin glow naturally. For effective results, it is recommended to drink one bottle of Gold Collagen daily for three months on an empty stomach for best absorption.

The range is available for purchase via and leading pharmacies in the region.

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