Beyond Trends: IZEL’s Commitment to Slow Fashion


Beyond Trends: IZEL's Commitment to Slow Fashion

IZEL Fashion, a premium e-commerce brand, is championing slow fashion in response to the fast-paced, disposable nature of today’s retail landscape. Acknowledging the urgent need for a shift away from fast fashion, where production and distribution to racks are done within a two week window, the brand addresses environmental impact with a clear mission to redefine the narrative by embracing slow fashion, prioritizing quality over quantity.

Co-Founders Hafna Sakhaf and Ziya Mariyam understand that slow fashion is more than a trend; it’s a solution to the generational problem of mass production, landfill, and fabric waste. IZEL Fashion’s production process emphasizes a low stock quantity approach, ensuring each meticulously crafted piece is a conscious step towards reducing environmental impact. The focus on timeless designs challenges the notion that fashion must be constantly fleeting.

The brand’s dedication to slow fashion is evident in its use of sustainable fabrics such as Linen and Bamboo, further only using chemical-free dyes and linings. IZEL’s SS’24 collection exemplifies the brand’s commitment to the evolving world of sustainable fabrics, showcasing beauty without compromising the environment.

IZEL Fashion ethically sources materials, collaborating with skilled Indian artisans in the design process, appreciating the craftsmanship. From tassels to beads, all embroidery is done in house. Further aiding the slow fashion movement, the brand will soon introduce a pre-order option, in which materials and labour will only be commissioned on payment and demand.

As IZEL Fashion continues to grow, its unwavering commitment to slow fashion remains. Future goals include expanding the use of sustainable and decomposable fabrics, paving the way for a new era of conscious style that transcends borders and trends.

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