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Switch Foods Celebrates One Year of Revolutionizing Plant-Based Meat in the UAE


Switch Foods Celebrates One Year of Revolutionizing Plant-Based Meat in the UAE

Switch Foods, a pioneering food tech startup from the UAE, celebrates its first anniversary this month. Since its launch in mid-2023, this home-grown brand has used its innovative plant-based meat alternatives to promote delicious yet healthy and sustainable eating across the UAE.

In its inaugural year, Switch Foods launched its first plant-based meat production facility in KEZAD, Abu Dhabi, inaugurated by former UAE Minister for Climate Change and Environment, Mariam bint Mohammed AlMheiri. The brand has since expanded its reach to over 200 online and offline stores, including notable retailers such as Spinneys, Carrefour, Lulu, Kibsons, and Talabat. Additionally, they have partnered with key F&B and hospitality venues like Al Safadi, Paul, Millennium Hotels, and The First Group.

Switch Foods is committed to advancing the UAE’s National Food Security Strategy 2051 by producing highly nutritious foods locally, reducing reliance on food imports, and significantly lowering carbon footprint. The brand aligns its efforts with global sustainability priorities, especially relevant given the UAE’s role in global climate initiatives, having successfully hosted COP28. Research indicates that plant-based meat generates almost 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional meat, contributing significantly to a more sustainable food supply.

The brand’s signature plant-based meat alternatives, such as Kabab, Kafta, Soujuk, Mince Meat, and Burger Patties, are expertly crafted to mimic the taste and texture of regular meat, providing a seamless transition for those seeking a healthier lifestyle without compromising on taste or nutrition. All products are 100% made of plants, GMO-free, soy-free, allergen-free, gluten-free, vegan, and halal-certified.

Edward Hamod, Founder of Switch Foods, expressed his gratitude: “As we celebrate our first anniversary, we continue to be driven by the positive impact our products have on people and the planet. I am incredibly proud of our team, our investors’ support, and our customers’ trust in contributing to living a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.”

In a region that has one of the world’s highest obesity and diabetes rates, plant-based meat products can make a real contribution to improving health and well-being. That is in part because having just two servings of processed red meat a week can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, whereas opting for plant-based protein sources has the reverse effect, per a 2023 study by researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

As part of its expansion strategy, having already listed its products in Kuwait, Lebanon, and Qatar, and in the lead-up to COP29 in Baku, the brand aims to reach new markets offering a more varied product range with the vision of accelerating sustainability from the UAE to the world through plant-based meat alternatives.


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