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Stay Radiant All Summer with these Top 5 Aesthetic Treatments at Orskin Aesthetics Clinic


Stay Radiant All Summer with these Top 5 Aesthetic Treatments at Orskin Aesthetics Clinic

Summer is in full swing bringing with it the joys of holidaying and basking under the sun. And while it is the perfect time for refreshing the mind, body, and soul, the warm experience comes with a caveat. The most common problem faced by most people when outdoors during summer is the way their skin reacts to heat, and this is a cause for concern even for people who are very religious about their skincare routine or aesthetic treatments.

Furthermore, excessive sun exposure can seriously compromise the health of your skin, even causing hyperpigmentation, and making treatments ineffective. The good news is that the experts at Orksin Aesthetics Clinic understand these issues and offer a range of summer-safe treatments for you to take into consideration so that you can avoid compromising your skin’s health and enjoy the summer to the fullest.

Here are the top 5 aesthetic treatments for great summer skin at Orskin:

Jet Peel (Prices starting from AED 1,200)

A Jet Peel facial is a non-invasive procedure that is often used to treat signs of ageing, dry skin and acne.  During the treatment, pressurized streams of air penetrate the deep layer of your skin called the dermis to deliver cleansers and serums that cleanse and exfoliate. The result is clean, moisturized, and glowing skin immediately after the session along with better circulation, improved hydration, and smoother texture.

CryoFace (Prices starting from AED 800)

CryoFace is a unique cold facial, combining light pressure with a dry and comfortable temperature of -78°C. The diffusion of this cold jet (medical CO2) is a gentle and natural technique that stimulates all the skin’s receptors. A 3-minute cold therapy session gives visible results instantly; the skin is immediately firmed and revitalised, the features are smoothed, and signs of fatigue are reduced.

This thermal shock creates gymnastics in the skin, which improves its firmness and promotes skin generation. The CryoFace stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, contributing to a radiant complexion.

Beauty Secret (Prices starting from AED 1,850)

Beauty Secret (or PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide-PDRN) skin re-densifying treatments refresh the facial features. Extracted from Salmon DNA, it also contains the light chain of botulinum toxin, tranexamic acid, high-purity hyaluronic acid, nanopeptide-4, arginine, and much more. PDRN is a popular choice in aesthetic medicine thanks to its rejuvenation properties. Beauty Secret involves injecting this substance into the skin to promote tissue repair, collagen production, and overall health. It is often used to target fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.

This is one of the best injectables for deep hydration, especially during the summer as it also prevents radiation damage caused by UVB, and the effects can last for 9 months.

Mesoject (Prices starting from AED 1,500)

For those looking for a deeply hydrating boost of collagen and radiance, Mesoject is one of the best available options – without any needles or downtime and can be done before travel.  The innovative technique injects mesotherapeutic actives into the skin and is maximally effective while being minimally invasive. Its Pulse Booster technology combines electrical stimulation and micro abrasion of the skin, delivering mesotherapeutic actives in a precise and safe manner by sending pulses of perfect rectangular waves at low frequency and voltage, thus achieving maximum efficacy with zero invasiveness. The procedure will leave you with visible results from the first session including lifting and it improves microcirculation in the skin, slows down cell ageing, and promotes tissue repair, all while leaving skin renewed, fresh and hydrated.

Advalight (Prices starting from AED 2,900)

Advalight is one of the leading and safest aesthetic laser protocols. Orskin aestheticians use the advanced ADVATx, which is among the most sophisticated dermatology lasers in the world and can be used for multiple stand-alone and combination therapies. Advalight combines high-powered yellow and infrared laser energy to improve skin tone, texture, and overall dermal health, making it particularly beneficial for conditions including psoriasis, rosacea, sun damage, wrinkles, spider veins, blemishes, and birthmarks.

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