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Cathay Pacific Unveils Top Destinations for Springtime

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Cathay Pacific Unveils Top Destinations for Springtime

With the long Eid weekend approaching, the Hong Kong-based airline presents a range of unforgettable experiences across the Asia-Pacific.

Cathay Pacific

UAE travellers are in for a treat as Cathay Pacific, the Hong Kong-based airline, announces its incredible line-up of fares and getaways for the Eid holiday and beyond. From exploring bustling city centres to revelling in the sunshine on the white-sand beaches, Hong Kong’s largest carrier invites travellers to embark on unforgettable journeys to some of Asia’s most captivating cities.

With special booking fares open until April 12th, with travel periods spanning from March to May and August to October, now is the perfect time for travellers to plan their 2024 adventure with Cathay Pacific’s world-class service and amenities.

Hong Kong

At the heart of Cathay Pacific’s offering lies the vibrant city of Hong Kong, a melting pot of rich culture, incredible cuisine and breathtaking landscapes that are in exceptional bloom in Springtime. The bustling metropolis is the ultimate destination for families, adrenaline junkies, and culture enthusiasts alike, promising to captivate the senses and create memories of a lifetime. Whether it’s basking in the iconic skyline from The Peak, savouring the art of dumpling-making and indulging in local delicacies, or exploring the lively Mong Kok shopping district, ‘Asia’s World City’ offers an array of experiences. Thrill-seekers and Disney fans alike can embark on an exhilarating trip to Hong Kong’s homegrown theme park, Ocean Park and the world-famous Disneyland, while art lovers can opt to bask in the city’s creative pulse in local galleries and museums. With more iconic attractions such as the Ngong Ping 360 and Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong ensures an unforgettable trip for every visitor.

Flight fares to Hong Kong start from AED 3410.


One of the most alluring destinations in April, China offers a wide spectrum of experiences, from urban escapes to countryside wonders and a strong cultural heritage spanning millennia. The pleasant springtime weather makes it an ideal time to explore the streets of Shanghai and Beijing, where ancient tradition perfectly intertwines with modern marvels. Whether it’s marvelling at the awe-inspiring Great Wall of China, or navigating through the busy shopping areas, travellers can expect an array of unique experiences. Beyond the lively city atmosphere lies vast lands filled with natural wonders such as the picturesque Huangshan Mountains and the tranquil waters of the Xi (West) Lake of Hangzhou, guaranteed to be the perfect backdrop for splendid snapshots.

Flight fares to Shanghai start from AED 1730.


Whether it’s for embarking on a leisurely getaway or a business trip, Japan is a popular destination for UAE travellers. Narita and Tokyo are within easy reach for those wishing to immerse themselves in the rich traditions and modern marvels of these dynamic cities. Tokyo’s futuristic landscape and lush parks are just a few of the fascinating destinations and unparalleled experiences awaiting curious tourists. With cherry blossom season in full swing from March to early April, cities across the country transform into picturesque wonderlands, attracting visitors from across the globe to witness the breathtaking beauty of the blooms. From the historical treasures of Kyoto to the buzzing gastronomic atmosphere of Osaka, each destination promises a diverse mix of cultural immersion and unmatched escapades.

Flight fares to Tokyo start from AED 3390, and one-way fares to Narita start from AED 2045.

South Korea

With a spectacular blend of centuries-long traditions, vibrant culture, and delicious culinary adventures, South Korea has it all for the modern traveller. From peaceful temples, and seaside escapes, to lively cities buzzing with stunning skyscrapers, Korea offers UAE adventure seekers the ultimate all-in-one destination. Visitors to Seoul can enjoy Gyeongbokgung Palace, one of Korea’s most iconic royal palaces, known for its stunning architecture, Han River for a leisurely cruise, or pick up some gifts for loved ones at Myeongdong renowned for its boutiques and street food stalls. Beyond the capital, curious wanderers looking to visit neighbouring cities can head to Busan and be captivated by its coastal charm, or explore ancient sights in the towns across Gyeongju, Incheon and Daegu.

Flight fares to Seoul start from AED 3150.


With over 7,000 islands to explore, the Philippines has no shortage of destinations and experiences. A tropical haven home to natural wonders and modern landmarks, the Philippines offers acres of coastal and rural wonders alongside cities adorned with the friendliest smiles. Explorers can visit Spanish-era monuments in Manila, enjoy the magnificent Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River or choose to indulge in the sun-kissed beaches of Cebu while enjoying fresh exotic fruits or a sumptuous feast prepared with local ingredients.

Flight fares to Manila start from AED 1830.

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