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Mlle Paola Unveils “The Wonders of Courage” Perfume Collection


Mlle Paola Unveils "The Wonders of Courage" Perfume Collection

Mlle Paola, the renowned perfume brand founded by socialite and entrepreneur Paola El Sitt, proudly introduces its latest collection, “The Wonders of Courage.” This highly anticipated collection features four unique Extraits de Parfum: MP 33, MP 39, MP 66, and MP 99, each crafted to embody strength, resilience, and the power to overcome life’s challenges.

Since its inception in 2016, Mlle Paola has been a symbol of courage, strength, and self-expression in the fashion and beauty industry. Building on the success of her first fragrance, “MP by Paola,” launched in 2019, Paola El Sitt has collaborated once again with SYMRISE, a Paris-based global leader in perfume manufacturing. “The Wonders of Courage” collection represents a significant milestone, showcasing Paola’s dedication to quality, excellence, and her positive outlook on life.

The inspiration behind this newly launched collection stems from Paola’s determination in overcoming personal struggles to bring her vision to life and launch the brand, with descriptors for her line of scents coinciding with the four values she carried with her throughout this journey, strength, balance, adaptability, and faith. From the delicate freshness of MP 33 to the irresistible allure of MP 39, and the summer bliss captured in MP 66, to the intriguing fascination of MP 99, every fragrance in the collection is a symphony of exquisite notes, harmoniously crafted to evoke emotions of resilience and perseverance.

Discover the Scents

MP 33: The Wonders of Strength – This fragrance opens with the fresh and invigorating top notes of violet leaves and cucumber, symbolizing strength, charisma, and personal growth.

MP 39: The Wonders of Faith – Featuring top notes of pear and bergamot, MP 39 encourages self-knowledge and positive change, reflecting universal spiritual laws.

MP 66: The Wonders of Balance – With top notes of pepper, magnolia, saffron, and pear, MP 66 embodies harmony and compassion, guiding individuals toward equilibrium and assurance.

MP 99: The Wonders of Change – This scent begins with lemon, cassis, violet leaves, and leafy green, representing the power to create reality, embrace the future, and experience transformative love and spiritual growth.

For more information about the “The Wonders of Courage” extraits de parfum collection, please visit and follow the official instagram page @mllepaolaperfume.






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