MEGAN by Skeyndor

Introducing The Revolutionary Non-invasive Treatment for All Skin Concerns: MEGAN by Skeyndor


Introducing The Revolutionary Non-invasive Treatment for All Skin Concerns: MEGAN by Skeyndor

Skeyndor, the innovative science-backed skincare brand, proudly announces the launch of MEGAN in the UAE. For it-girls and skincare aficionados alike, this is a game changing treatment to put your skin concerns to bed.

The revolutionary MEGAN system, now available at select clinics across the nation, is the result of over 50 years of research. It combines Tri Synergy Technology with the full potential of Hi-Freq, Dermaboost, and Deep RGB in a unique multi-treatment device. Together with Hi-Tech Performing Cosmetics, MEGAN creates a perfect synergy, delivering spectacular effects to the skin.

MEGAN’s unique technologies effectively deliver active ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin. By combining Patent Drone Technology with Dermaboost and Deep RGB, it enhances treatment efficacy and elevates the skincare experience to new heights. Essentially, Dermaboost facilitates the absorption of active ingredients, while Deep RGB precisely targets various skin concerns while reactivating the skin from deep down, and regenerating the deepest tissues. This professional procedure is supported by home care products to maintain results for a longer duration.

MEGAN by Skeyndor

MEGAN ushers in a new era of skincare excellence, empowering doctors and aestheticians to provide transformative treatments, addressing a myriad of concerns from pores to wrinkles, brightness, firmness, and flaccidity. The best part? The treatment is non-invasive and requires no downtime. 

Standing as a testament to technological innovation, MEGAN is designed to address all your skin concerns for both the face and body. Proven to achieve remarkable results even at the deepest layers of the skin, MEGAN sets a new standard in non-invasive skincare and ensures optimal results.

MEGAN isn’t science fiction – it’s science fact. It’s the embodiment of progress, innovation, and efficacy in professional aesthetics. Say hello to the future of skincare, where science meets beauty, and the results speak for themselves. 

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