Margarita Rustamyan

Interview with Margarita Rustamyan


Interview with Margarita Rustamyan

Certified Hypnotherapist, Regressologist, Parapsychologist,Guru – Master Kundalini

Having practical knowledge from the Best Teachers in Psychology and Hypnology fields, Margarita compiled her own holistic methods for identifying the roots of sickness, diagnosing, treating and resolving the issues.

Having more than 15 years of experience in Psychology, she studied the History of Ancient Healers, as well as the influence of Nature and Cosmic influences over the human bodies. In a meantime, she developed the ability to control Spirituality as the foundation, Magnetism and Hermeticism as the base, served her as a stimulus to learn the Metaphysics, The Alchemy, The Quantum knowledges.

Can you share some of the most common challenges you have encountered in your practice as a holistic therapist?

The most common requests are anxiety and panic attacks. I think this is one of the most common psychosomatic disorders nowadays. I also heal people from:

  • Migraine & headache
    • Back pain & stomach
    • Autoimmune diseases /Diabetes / Diseases of the thyroid gland
    • Dysphagia /Allergies
    • Women’s diseases / Addictions /Overweight
    • Phobias /Depression /Low self esteem

How do you approach meeting the unique requirements of each patient? Can you provide an example of a complex case and how you addressed it?

Each client is unique! Actually I don’t call them patients, they are healthy people for me. I prefer to call them clients. I approach each of them individually, seeing their uniqueness, going deeply into their problems. Feeling their states, I determine the trigger of a particular problem. For me there are no difficult cases. I accept everyone whose problems are associated with psychological, mental, psychosomatic disorders. Therefore, all cases are interesting for me. Let me give you a recent experience with a 13-year-old child. He was suffering from muscle joints and bones pains for the past 7 years. Mother had passed through lots of clinics and hospitals but couldn’t find any solution. I scheduled 2 sessions. During my therapy (verbal regressive hypnosis), it became clear that he had an ancestry disease, the symptoms of his pains were transmitted to him from his great-grandmother. The trigger was found already at 1st session. And there are lots of such cases when a client comes to me with a wrong diagnosis or a false perception of this or that symptom.

What types of patients do you typically work with, and how do you adapt your methods to cater to their specific needs?

I use magnetism, hermeticism, alchemy and metaphysics knowledges. Hypnotherapy technique is the easiest method, as I use magnetism. It is relevant for everyone. Regressive verbal hypnosis technique I use in case I need to find out the main trigger of the problem. Non-verbal hypnosis – when I know the reason, bringing the client to a crisis (cleansing crisis) I press on certain points on the body. Once the crisis has occurred, the problem is resolved. I also work with quantum healing techniques. This is a more subtle plan, I can work with the phantom of a person (this is astral plan), also with cosmic energies, or with five elements (earth, water, air, fire, ether). I know how to activate the inner hidden energy of a person (kundalini energy), I work with the chakras balancing & cleansing them.

Can you explain your process for identifying the root causes of sickness in patients? How do you diagnose, treat, and resolve these underlying issues using your holistic methods?

Before starting the session, I set 10 minutes of communication with the client. Being aware of the psychology of thinking, the client, speaking about his problem, already unconsciously talks about his diagnosis. Usually in 2 sessions (each session 90 minutes duration) I resolve these issues, using one of the techniques I mentioned earlier. If there is a serious case, I request the diagnosis from his doctor & suggest 3 sessions. I don’t accept:

  • pregnant (lactating) women /those who takes antidepressants, any kind of chemical & psychotropic drugs / diagnosis from a doctor (psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, clinical depression)

With 15 years of experience in psychology, what insights have you gained about the mind-body connection and its impact on over.

Any type of sickness comes from wrong thoughts & old patterns; the exception is genetic disorder. The results of thoughts affect emotions, emotions are body language. The body remembers all pains and offenses; therefore, a person gets sick. During the session under hypnosis state, the brain (controller) falls asleep, the subconscious mind begins to work, showing all hidden blockages. Usually, it appears as a shocking awareness for a person.   

What is your opinion on women’s empowerment in the field of holistic healing, and how do you contribute to it through your practice?

Women naturally are very strong & sensitive. In addition, they have natural intuition and maternal love. Developing these abilities, learning psychology, then they can treat people through holistic medicine. But before becoming a master and a professional in this field, it is necessary to get rid of their own faulty beliefs, blockages, old patterns.  Need to learn to think consciously higher than standard thinking. This will help to see, look, and feel much deeper the client’s needs.

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