Announcement: Amelia Restaurant and Lounge Secures a Spot on 50 Best Discovery Platform


Announcement: Amelia Restaurant and Lounge Secures a Spot on 50 Best Discovery Platform

Amelia Restaurant and Lounge, the renowned destination for a seamless fusion of culinary mastery and steampunk-retro ambiance, proudly announces its inclusion into the ranks of the esteemed 50 Best Discovery platform. This prestigious recognition solidifies Amelia Dubai’s standing among the world’s top tier establishments and highlights its dedication to delivering an unparalleled experience for patrons.

50 Best Discovery, the esteemed city guide platform, has recognized Amelia Restaurant and Lounges excellence and included it among its expertly curated collection venues worldwide. This exclusive platform serves as a beacon for discerning diners and drinkers, offering recommendations from expert Academies encompassing more than 600 cities globally

At Amelia Dubai, guests are transported into a retro-futuristic steampunk-inspired theme, exuding elegance and a feminine atmosphere that seamlessly blends aviation with machinery and sophistication.

At Amelia restaurant and lounge, culinary expertise takes centre-stage with a menu that embarks on a journey born of Japanese and Peruvian origins. The meticulously crafted Nikkei Cuisine with Mediterranean hints promises a mouth-watering adventure, prepared, and cooked to perfection.

Amelia Dubai’s mixologists push the boundaries of mixology with precision, offering a selection of both modern and classic cocktails. Each creation is brought to life with precision, elevating the customer experience to an undeniable standard of excellence.

The Amelia Restaurant and Lounge experience extends beyond the palate to a sensational musical journey.

The fusion of Ethnic, Lounge, Deep Tech, Afro, and Progressive House beats curated by resident DJs creates an unforgettable experience, making every night at Amelia Dubai one to remember.

This recognition aligns with 50 Best Discovery’s mission to list only the best venues worldwide, bringing attention and recognition to establishments deserving of the spotlight.

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